Silent and Powerful 180 mm fan for excellent cooling performance
Stepless Fan Speed Dial with power on/ off function
4 Height Adjustments for optimal working / typing angles
4 Port USB Hub to expand connectivity
Improved Cable Management with grooved sides for cable routing
Comfortable Rubber Handle designed to be easy to carry
Laptop Retention Tabs for more stability at higher angles
Red LED lighting stripe underneath for game session in the dark
Supports Large Laptops up to 19"

Silent and Powerful 180mm Fan


The massive metal mesh surface is accompanied by a powerful 180mm turbine fan to provide unprecedented airflow and keep laptop components running at optimal temperatures.

Ergonomic Design for Gamers


Proper viewing and typing angles can mean the difference between being fully comfortable during a long fire fight or bowing out due to pains. Four height adjustment settings (3.5, 17, 21, and 28.5 degrees) provide the best viewing angle and relieve stress to your eyes and wrist.

Expanded Connectivity


SF-17 has 4 USB port hub to expand extra connectivity for accessories or tablet/phone charging. A stepless fan speed dial allows you to adjust the fan speed to your desired need and a power on/ off toggle for the LED light to set the mood for gaming.

Improved Cable Management


Cable routing grooves around three sides mean that you can arrange cables in place without cluttering your work or gaming environment.

LED Lighting Stripe


Stylish LED lighting stripe provides the atmosphere gamers need for their unique system setups.

Anti-slip Design


Thick rubber padding around the base with retention tabs guarantee more stability for your laptop even at higher angles.

尺寸 (寬 / 高 / 深) 470.7 x 326.9 x 54.9 mm flat, 173.2mm max height
18.5 x 12.9 x 2.2 in flat, 6.8 in max height
重量 1.92 kg / 4.23 lb
裝置相容性 支援17" 筆記型電腦
顏色 黑色本體, 紅光 LED
材質 Mesh, Plastic, Rubber
電源接頭 USB 5V DC
其他特色 三段可調式高度設計: 3.5°, 17°, 28.5°
4 埠 USB 2.0 Hub
風扇尺寸 180 x 180 x 15 mm
風扇轉速​ 700 - 1200 RPM ± 15%
風扇氣流 35 - 70 CFM
風扇噪音值 16 - 21 dBA
風扇軸承 Rifle
風扇壽命 40,000 小時
風扇額定安培 0.2 - 0.45 A
風扇功耗 0.9 - 2.25 W
包裝尺寸 523 * 363 * 85 mm
20.6 * 14.3 * 3.3 inch
包裝重量 2790g / 6.15 lbs