Nepton 280L
CM self-designed
採用 CM 自主開發的幫浦及水冷排,可確保最佳流動效率及性能表現
Robust & Extra Thick FEP Tubing
New UltraFine Microchannel
is a new designed for best water flow and takes maximum heat from cold plate to coolant.
JetFlo 140
搭載獨家 JetFlo 140 風扇,高風量設計可增加水冷排熱交換效率
1.Advanced fan blade design
The 7 rigid fan blades cut through the air at speeds ranging between 800~2000 RPM and produce high airflow up to 122.5 CFM operating at full power.
2.Shock-absorbing rubber pads
Rubber pads absorb vibrations and noise.
Advanced Fan Blade Design
Compared to other normal fans, the advanced fan blade design of JetFlo 140 can concentrate more air for excellent cooling performance with a low noise level.
Unique LED
水冷頭頂部內建 LED 燈光,提供獨特的視覺效果
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