2013.05.27Cooler Master's PSU Haswell Ready

There has  been a lot of talk about PSU compatibility for Intel’s upcoming 4th  Generation Core Processors (code named Haswell). We have observed a large  amount of misinformation being spread. We would like to clarify the situation  to calm and reassure our customers and partners that they will be able to  upgrade safely. A full list of Cooler Master power supplies is listed here. Below  are some quick facts that the public should be aware.

  • Most power supplies don’t  support Haswell – False
  • I need a Haswell certified power  supply to build a Haswell system – False
  • Haswell only works with  DC-DC Power Supplies – False
  • Haswell only works with 80+  Gold and better Power Supplies – False
  • Haswell requires a second  12V rail and doesn’t work with single rail Power Supplies – False
  • On some older power supplies, Haswell consumes 5W more in  idle mode - True

Among other improvements of Intels latest Core  Processors, power consumption in idle mode has been greatly reduced from around  6W to less than 1W. This might cause some older power supplies to shut the  system off when the CPU enters idle mode, or prevent the system from waking up  out of sleep mode. To our knowledge all mainboard vendors will disable this  advanced power saving mode by default, and no customer upgrading to Haswell  should experience any issues whatsoever.

Should customers experience problems  nevertheless, or would like to enable the advanced power saving mode on older  power supplies that might not support it, there is a simple fix. Simply adding  a single silent case fan to the system, connected to the power supply, should  provide enough additional load to keep the system running in advanced power  saving mode.
  The only disadvantage would be that power savings  in idle mode on such a system would only surmount to around 2-3W instead of  ~5W.


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